A self imposed sentence, isolation in a world of too many people standing still and too few walking through. I find myself in paradise, though with gentle thunder tailing my weary feet, I walk on past the stately palms and the warm water without a backward glance. I want a challenge, I want to bask in my sweat and feel the fierce gale off a mountain. I want soil beneath my feet, pavement be damned, it is to this Earth I am bound.

I meditated on my purpose here, anywhere. After the tenth breath I knew full well that I don’t need such trivial things to drive me forward. It is the people, the nature, those delirious moments of astonishing beauty that drive me to the edge of weeping and then cast me back with the force of a tidal wave. That is what grants me the energy to drive onward; press me harder and I will walk until my legs are shaking and my mind drifts to the other side.

I fully accept the path I have chosen, and after a million steps in one direction then perhaps I will know what it is to live. Travel the world, cast away your riches, and seek the true faith – yourself.

Croatia has been one beautiful moment. Nearly one thousand kilometers of travel. Roman ruins and beaches that make your jaw drop as the sun begins to set and shines like a golden mirror across the Adriatic. Modern derelictions, unlocked and tucked into the rocky hills and crowded epicenters filled with cheap goods and rich laughter. I have met the right amount of people and seen the correct number of things and in my final moments here, before I begin the rough journey into the interior, I am sitting on the coast drinking light beer and contemplating how in the world am I supposed to put these incredible experiences into words. Perhaps I need something stronger.

Not likely, a clear head and a sober step has become a good way to travel. Photographs will do the talking for me.

Sarajevo bound in a few days, a city which survived the longest siege in modern history is beckoning me to her. Over the Balkans, past tarnished towns and rough road, into the hinterland I am headed. A chance meeting in Zagreb led me to a new friend and now a gracious host in this beautiful city. Rebuilt and stunning, I am itching to leave the coast and go inland. Something draws me to the mountains, away from the water, and into the Earth. 

Keep moving, 



3 thoughts on “Move.

  1. Sean, I knew this journey to Europe would bring you closer to the truth of who you are…to the Light within you. Your “Self” is the Light and the Truth. Go in Peace and Love. My love goes with you…Love, Mom

  2. Nice entry, I am really enjoying your thoughtful style of writing. Be safe and happy wanderings inland. ❤ Leah

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