About the Beardless Farmer

Burnt by the sun.Kissed by the rain.From the mountain vastness.My knowledge I do gain.The Beardless Farmer does await.As each day and night pass by.In Earth and soil.Sun and sky.

To start, I will be farming organically and traditionally in Norway for approximately 6-7 weeks – about 20 minutes outside the town of Lillehammer. When I say farming, I mean really farming – the old way. No machinery, no electricity, no running water. This is the real deal and a dream for a history lover like myself.

Note: The farm does not have internet connection so my blogposts and responses may be far and few between. I apologize for this, but it is the price I pay for the true Norse experience. Happy Wanderings!

I am farming through an organization named WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities for Organic Farmers), which collects a large amount of organic farms in every country and allows curious kids like me to act on these opportunities. The particular farm I will be visiting first is named “Nordre Stuksrud,” tucked into the foothills of the Gudbrandsdalen Valley, this homestead is approximately 300 years old – an offshoot of a 900 year old farm the valley over! Ancient farm, ancient practice, I am going to be in my element.

I have so much more to say about the farm, about my experience planning and preparing, but for the interim it will suffice to say that I am following my dream, and from now a fool, a wise man I hope to become.




11 thoughts on “About the Beardless Farmer

  1. Good luck Sean,I’m looking forward to following your adventure. Enjoy this time ,the experience will be one that you will look back on (fondly I hope) for the rest of your life. Uncle Marc

    • I surely will, I have already taken a boatload of pictures, the view from the farm is spectacular – you can see the entire Gudbrandsdalen Valley, all the way to Lillehammer! Thank you for the good wishes Uncle Marc!

  2. Thinking of you Sean and miss you too. Hope you get more acclimated and comfortable every day. Stay safe, healthy and happy! and enjoy every experience. Love, Mom

  3. Sean, you are amazing! You are following your dreams! I am so proud of you. I wish you all the best in your journey through this experience. Looking forward to reading more on your blog. Love, Aunt Anne & Uncle Matt

  4. Beardless Farmer, I’m so excited for you! Glad you arrives safely and are getting into the routines of minimalist living. In this world of technology and modern conveniences I applaud your search for and appreciation for the simpler things. I look forward to following your experience & the blog is a fantastic idea! Be well, Srento. Your Cuz Tim.

  5. Hi Sean, its Aunt Teresa….I have been keeping up with your adventures. I am so proud of you and anyone I tell are so impressed with your enthusiasm. Wish I could be a little fly on your shoulder, but maybe not…you may want to swat me!!!! Hope your angels are watching over you and we all miss you so very much… Enjoy, enjoy, and enjoy. Love you Sean ❤

    • Aunt Teresa, its so good to hear from you – right now I am in Croatia and just took a dip in the Adriatic. The water is as clear as tap ten meters down, and after emerging from the waves I felt renewed – this place is amazing. Wish you were here, and I think the same fly has traveled with me from Norway and it seems a shame to swat it, so a constant albeit annoying friend it has become lol. Lots of love, and good thoughts your way. Love, Sean

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